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Hallo, I'm a CG artist with a soft spot for super low poly assets and textures! Keep checking back to see what new oddities I'm working on and feel free to comment on any posts I put up.

Prof Odine head mesh test build v1.0

Took a small break from the house and made a start on my low poly mesh for the head sculpt I made in an earlier post. I'm currently experimenting with the best workflow for character models using Zbrush.
As the original sculpt was created using Dyna Mesh I had to create the low poly from the high density mesh exported from Zbrush.
For this process I used a program called 3DCoat. Using this software I was able map out my geometry over the existing Zbrush sculpt. This made the process faster and easier than box modeling the low poly from scratch. There are a few kinks to work out though and I'd like to strip out some of the geometry in the mouth and chin area too. Currently the head alone is just over 1,600tri, so hopefully I can bring it down a touch more.

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