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ZBrush and DynaMesh

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I have to say I didn't expect to enjoy working with DynaMesh as much as I did this afternoon. I still cant believe that the face in the images above was pulled entirely from a single poly sphere in ZBrush. Today was all about getting familiar with ZBrush and most of its workings,  though I still stumble a little with the camera controls.

I found sculpting simple and natural, so much so in fact that I began deviating from the tutorial I was using as reference.The above image is a rough stage by stage so you can see how I began developing the shapes and features of the face. I'm always paranoid about making too many mistakes or worse overworking a particular aspect, so I like to have a previous file to re-visit just in case I take something too far...

The above image is me messing with some shapes too much. While I like the way it was going it was too square and masculine for what I wanted with this particular bust.I wanted thinner more pointed face and features, though even then I think I've probably softened too much of the final face. Though it doesnt really matter as it's just so easy to go back and begin re-working the details.

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