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Hallo, I'm a CG artist with a soft spot for super low poly assets and textures! Keep checking back to see what new oddities I'm working on and feel free to comment on any posts I put up.

Townhouse project

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Currently I'm working on a Townhouse. I've been working on it a few hours a night after work, though after a few re-tries I think I'm starting to get somewhere with it now. Ive still got a way to go and I've just started to throw up a few textures to see whats going to work. Below is a rough paint over of things I plan to add.I'm currently experimenting with using texture ID's and tileable textures. Having never really spent a great deal of time making environments, I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how long it takes me to put together.
The biggest criticism of past environments I've tried is the relation of small objects with the rest of the space. They've always felt empty and bland. So I plan to try and improve on this this time around by thinking through all the little details that make up the outside of peoples homes. I've got a second environment in the works, while I'm going for a sort of realism with this environment I'm going for a more cartoony feel for the other. So hopefully I can take over any experience with this project to the next

My first two attempts (see above) went well in terms of build and the texture ID's were easy enough to set up. I didn't like the shape of the first house and the second began to get a little more interesting. For the second house I mixed two textures together in the material editor, the result has given the brick work a nice weathered look. While its still a little too much I think, It's definitely something I will try again on the final house.

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