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Hallo, I'm a CG artist with a soft spot for super low poly assets and textures! Keep checking back to see what new oddities I'm working on and feel free to comment on any posts I put up.

500tri character model & some previous work

Working through some files on my laptop and found a project I started before work took over. The character model is 500Tri with a 256x256 texture map. It took 2 afternoons to make the character model, the Saturday to build and unwrap and the Sunday to texture. I was never happy with the layout of the UV's on this model, so when I finish the Townhouse I think I may revisit this model and see if I can tweek it.
This was the first sub 500Tri model I made, a little bland on the face but was great to work on while getting to grips with smaller texture sizes.
This was a practice using some rough textures while trying to work out a style. It will eventually become part of an Island setting for the first character model. Again though will move on to it whence the house is complete.

Ahh the memories. Found a render from an environment I put together during university. May fire up the file and get some more put up in the future.

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